5 tips on maintaining your plant propagation misting system

Maintaining your misting system is vital to a long lived and trouble free service, but isn’t as difficult as you may think. Here are 5 tips to keep your system running in tip top shape.

1. Check your misting system daily for correct operation
A quick daily check will alert you to any problems that can be corrected immediately, potentially saving your cuttings from a sure death. A quick glance at your cuttings will tell you if they are being under or over misted.

2. Clean your water filter monthly
Cleaning the filter ensures it is flowing freely. It also will alert you of any debris that may be getting into your system so you can correct it. Don’t have a filter? Install one, it may save your cuttings!
3. Check your misting nozzles for proper operation
The Dramm pin perfect nozzles as well as others occasionally get plugged up with minerals or algae which causes them to spray incorrectly. Knowing how to correct this may save your cuttings from drying out. With the Dramm pin perfect nozzles, a simple twist of the pin usually corrects the problem.
4. Check your entire misting system often for leaks
A small leak will not really affect the operation of your misting system but can alert you to a pending disaster. If a fitting, joint, or other part of your misting system suddenly begins to leak, immediately check to be sure there are no breaks or cracks. A part with a small break or crack can suddenly fail, immediately turning your misting system useless.  As well as alerting you to a potential problem, a small leak just wastes water, something we all need to conserve more of.
5. Check to be sure the solenoid valve is operating correctly
Malfunctioning solenoids can cause too little mist being delivered, too much mist being delivered, or a continuous flow of water dripping from the nozzles. Debris, algae, and worn internal parts can cause the solenoid to run continuously, wasting water and potentially delivering too much moisture to the cuttings. On the other hand, a solenoid that has lost its connection to the timer due to a break in the wire or loose wire nut will not deliver any mist to the cuttings at all, resulting in their death.
Paying close attention to the operation of you misting system can reduce the likelihood of catastrophic failures. Following these simple steps may save you time and money and also save your cuttings from certain death.

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