A customer reveals how he kept his plants from freezing using his misting system

I recently heard from Lee Bridges, a customer who lives in Florida. I have been working with him for a while as he has been assembling a very extensive misting and watering system for his nursery. He wanted to order more misting nozzles and while I was processing his order, we engaged in small talk. He couldn’t thank me enough for the system I have helped him design, and  told me that during the recent freezing spells in Florida he used his misting system to keep his plants from freezing. Yes, you read that right, he used his misting system to keep his plants from freezing.

He told me that he was a bit worried about the predictions for freezing weather. He has hundreds of plants in pots and in grow beds and because he lives in zone 9/10, the plants are not suitable for freezing weather. He told me that he wondered if he could turn the misting system on and let the water spray on his plants to keep them from getting killed, similar to what the citrus growers near him do to protect their crops. He figured he had nothing to lose and turned on the system to let the fine spray cover his plants.

As the night wore on, his plants began to form a coat of ice on them. The coat of ice got fairly thick according to Lee. He still figured that he had nothing to lose, so he continued to spray water on the plants. As the sun came up, the misting system turned off and the ice began to melt off of the plants. Lee didn’t know if his experiment had worked or not at this point, but the plants still looked good.

At the time of Lee’s call  to me, the freezing weather had been a few weeks earlier and Lee proudly stated that his plants were doing great and many had flowers! His experiment to save his plants had worked.

Stay tuned for an article that will help explain how spraying your plants with water and freezing them solid actually helps them during a freeze. Of coarse, this only works in those climates that rarely have freezes, like Florida, so don’t attempt to use this process in North Dakota or anywhere else there is an extended hard freeze..

I love to hear these stories about how a misting system helped my customers!  Have you used your misting system for an unconventional use? Has your misting system changed your life? If so, I would love to hear about it.

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