An extremely useful calculator for propagators who use a misting system

I have developed this calculator to determine the safe number of misting nozzles that can be used for each zone of a misting system. As this article shows, the ultimate determining factor is the available water flow.
As well as showing how many misting nozzles can be safely used per zone, the calculator will also show how many gallons of water will be used per day, per zone, according to your mist settings.


Input the flow rate of your water supplying your misting system in the first box and the flow rate of a single misting nozzle in the second. Hit the submit button and you will be shown the safe number of misting nozzles you can use per misting zone. Be sure both are figures are input as Gallons Per Minute. To learn how to convert the number, see below *.


To see how much water your misting system will use per day, fill in the rest of the boxes and hit the submit button.

*Required for both calculations

* To convert Gallons Per Hour (GPH) into Gallons Per Minute (GPM), simply divide your figure by 60.


An extremely useful calculator for propagators who use a misting system — 2 Comments

  1. Hello,

    I want to build a small propagatin box and need to know about misting kit. However, since the box will be only 3′ X 4′ and feel I will need 1 or 2 misters, a timer, tubing, and a hose connector. What rlse will I need? Can I get a small kit to get started?

    Also, I read where it is a bit too late to take softwood cuttings and so can I take semi hardwood cuttings with bottom heating?

    I would like to buy a small and complete misting system and need help on knowing where and how to order the one I ned. I realize I will need your book on misting, in order to propagrate using the many requirements.



    • Lew, I no longer build or sell the systems but the book/course will provide you with a ton of information. You will learn everything you need and more!

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