Are you going to buy one of the new pink blueberry plants? I did!

I wrote a post a little while back for a different blog I have about the new pink blueberry that Briggs Nursery is introducing called Pink Lemonade. In it, I asked my reader’s opinions whether it will be a popular plant. The poll I supplied indicates the public is interested the new introduction.

pink blueberry poll




I have no sales data to go on, but I have heard that Briggs Nursery is sold out, and if the traffic to that blog from the keywords “pink blueberry”, “pink blueberries”, “pink lemonade blueberry”, or other variations of those keywords is any indication, as well as my poll results, folks are definitely intrigued. Here is a picture that shows that some variation of the words pink blueberry bring quite a bit of traffic to my other blog. Notice there are 7 of the top 15 search terms that relate in some way to the pink blueberry?








So what does this mean? Well, I am not sure but it will be interesting to see how well the plant sells this spring. Of course, it may be just a passing fad and once the initial curiosity dies down, the pink blueberry may fade into oblivion. But then again, it may be the next best thing since sliced bread.

Do you plan on purchasing one of the new pink blueberry plants? I sure didn’t plan on it, but once I found out how popular they are, I bought four! 😀

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Are you going to buy one of the new pink blueberry plants? I did! — 1 Comment

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