Coming soon! My first Kindle book on building a Nearing frame

I recently purchased a Kindle Fire, my very first purchase of any of the e-readers. I had previously downloaded a few books on my Android phone to read while I was on the train to Boston so I figured I would see how they looked on a larger format. Ya, ya, I am getting a little older and the Droid just wasn’t cutting it.

I went with the Kindle Fire because I had purchased those books I mentioned from Amazon anyway and have an active Amazon account that I frequently purchase items with. With the Kindle I had the option to download the previously purchased books to it which was a good feature I thought.

When the Kindle arrived, I was a bit disappointed at first. That was until I started reading my books and began investigating how to create my own books or simple articles and reports FOR the Kindle. Of course I hope to make a dollar or two doing so but I don’t think I will be retiring soon! I’ll be sure to let you know if I am moving to a tropical island somewhere…

So I went and took a look at some of the e-books I have written as well as the myriad of articles on my many (too many at times) websites. I decided my e-book on building a Nearing frame would be a good candidate, mostly because it was the one that needed the least amount of reformatting. Hey, I’m just being honest here; I didn’t want to spend a ton of time re-doing an entire e-book or article during the learning process.

Ya, right! 5 hours later I think I may have it right. Everything looks great on my Kindle and hopefully within a day or so it will be for sale on Amazon.


EDIT: Here is the direct link to the book. Thanks for looking!

Wish me luck!

I would love to know your thoughts on Kindle (or other!) e-books.

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