Discover the secrets of Misting Systems used to propagate plants

Great news, you can now learn the highly guarded secrets of plant propagation misting systems!
This PDF was written using my many years of designing, building, and selling misting systems for plant propagators.

These secrets you will learn will save you time, money, and frustration and is ONLY $47 (less than what it could cost if you made some of the mistakes I reveal in the PDF)!

Here is what this PDF covers:
1) What is a misting system
2) 10 reasons you should own a misting system
3) Why a misting system is important when rooting softwood cuttings
4) Misting beds
5) Rooting media
6) Do you have enough water for your system?
7) Can you use softened water for misting?
a) 11 reasons NOT to use softened water
8) Can you use rainbarrels to provide the water?
9) What parts are needed for a misting system?
a) Tools required
b) Misting timers
i) Mechanical
(1) Wiring the timers
ii) Electronic/Digital
(1) Electric timers
(2) Battery timers
c) Solenoid valves
i) Typical irrigation solenoids
ii) Misting solenoids
d) Filters
i) Individual zone filter
ii) Whole system filter
e) Wire
i) Single zone
ii) Multiple zone
f) Misting nozzles
i) Common types of nozzles
ii) Freestanding
iii) Overhead/Risers
iv) Calculating nozzle spacing
g) Protecting your investment
i) Timer cabinets
ii) Protecting the solenoid valves
10) How to assemble the misting system
a) Single zone
b) Multiple zones
i) Building a manifold for the multiple solenoids
ii) Wiring the digital timer for multiple zones
11) How to take a cutting
12) Why providing shade is important
a) How to provide shade for your misting bed
13) Tips about electronic leaves and rain sensors
a) Nutrient leaching
14) Routine maintenance
a) Troubleshooting
b) Minor repairs
15) Spare parts that you should have
a) Fittings
b) Solenoid valve
c) Filter
d) Misting nozzles
e) Timer
16) When do I prepare the system for winter?
17) Winterizing your misting system
a) Quick 5 step winterizing description
b) Draining with gravity
c) Using compressed air
18) Setting your system up in the spring
19) Power outages
20) And more!
***Also included is exactly what propagation timer to purchase and WHERE!
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