Do you have a memory garden?


A local paper just published a story about a garden club president’s memory garden. She started gardening 33 years ago with her husband and they both enjoyed working on creating flower gardens. She would make the mess, and he would follow behind cleaning it up. Sounds like a perfect match!

The president’s husband passed away suddenly in 2006 and instead of bouquets, she received living plants. These plants were the beginning of a new garden in honor of her husband of 36 years.

Over the years she has added to the memory garden, choosing plants with names that reminded her of her late husband. Daylillies such as Peanut Butter Frenzy, Gracious Living, Ruffled Valentine, Golden Angel, Trustworthy, Broken Heart, and Fairest Love were chosen. Also included in the garden is an ornamental grass her husband had planted, a memorial stone with his name, and his boots that are being used as flower pots.

This is a great story that combines love, memories and gardening to make a special place that is sure to bring great memories every time she walks through the memory garden.

Do you have a plant or a memory garden dedicated to a person you love? What does your include?


Do you have a memory garden? — 2 Comments

  1. What a very sweet sentiment and the perfect gift, living plants!!! My whole garden is a memory garden actually. My father passed 5 years ago leaving me the entire garden. It was years overgrown before I realized what I had right in my back yard. Raised beds, room for stock, even a greenhouse frame. The first year, I made a 5 foot pile of pulled weeds, and from that pile that sat an entire winter, chives and lemon balm survived! Now much of what I do, I do with my father in mind. As I move forward, working toward a real nursery, I think he would be proud.
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    • It is a nice sentiment. It goes to show just how much this woman thought of her husband and what he meant to her.

      The article was very touching.