Build a Nearing Frame

Kindle version now available at Amazon!

Are you looking for information on building a Nearing frame to root cuttings? You’re in luck! I wrote this PDF as a free gift for my newsletter subscribers and am offering it here absolutely free of charge (signing up for the newsletter would be appreciated though…). No opt-ins, no signups, nothing!

While you are at it, be sure to read my post about how (and why) to align your Nearing frame to True North.

Click here to download the PDF; How to build a Nearing frame.

Please remember to check and double check every measurement before cutting anything. Also, because the plexiglass is the most expensive piece of the whole build, wait until your Nearing frame is built before cutting it. I would hate for you to cut the plexiglass too short and have to buy a new piece.

When the frame is complete, you will have a (roughly) 2’x2′ frame that will be able to root hundreds of cuttings at a time! If you want a larger frame at a later date, you will have a good understanding of what it takes to make it because of your experience in building this one. Enjoy!

I appreciate any and all feedback that will help me improve the pdf. Email me using this contact form.

Thanks again!

Here is the download link one more time:

How to build a Nearing frame


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