From the Manual of Woody Landscape Plants book…

The Manual Of Woody Landscape Plants is in my opinion the ultimate book on woody plant propagation. Hundreds of pages have been devoted to their identification their ornamental characteristics, culture, propagation and their uses in the landscape.

For instance, there are numerous pages at the beginning showing the types of leaves and how to identify them by leaf shapes, arrangements, and buds. Even more pages are dedicated to identifying flowers and fruit. These pages alone are extremely helpful when trying to identify a woody landscape plant.

As well as the plant identification help, each plant has information on:

  • family
  • leaves
  • buds
  • stem
  • size
  • hardiness
  • habit
  • growth rate
  • texture
  • leaf color
  • flowers
  • fruit
  • culture
  • diseases and insects
  • landscape value
  • cultivars
  • propagation
  • maintenance considerations
  • additional notes
  • related species

So as you can see this book contains tons of information and you’ll soon see why I think this book is the ultimate book on landscape trees and shrubs and their propagation.

Below you will find links to specific articles about trees and shrubs. This information has been gleaned mostly from Michael Dirr’s Manual of Woody Landscape Plants. Other books have also been used to supplement the information.

*Please note: this is an ongoing project. New trees and shrubs will be added occasionally. If you have a request for a specific plant, leave me a comment below.

Woody Landscape Trees

Contorted Filbert AKA: Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick Coral Bark Japanese Maple Eastern Redbud
Emerald Arborvitae Goldenrain Tree Kousa Dogwood
Lavander Twist Weeping Redbud Tiger Eye Sumac Yellow Birch

Woody Landscape Shrubs

Dappled Willow AKA: Nishiki Willow Dwarf Korean Lilac Euonymus Shrubs
Koreanspice Viburnum Little Princess Spirea Lowbush Bluberry
Mock Orange Shrub PJM Rhododendron Potentilla

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