Have you rooted a cutting using a misting system faster than this?

I recently took some cuttings I had rooted under my misting system out of the mist and potted them up. One plant in particular caught my attention because I could have sworn that I just put it under the mist a few days before. Of course, I realized that time flies and I must have been mistaken.

Typically, the cuttings I do will root in 3-5 weeks depending on the species. This particular plant seemed to root extremely fast, even faster than Pee Gee Hydrangea which has up to this point been the quickest cuttings to root. I don’t have a specific number of days on the PG, but it was only 3 weeks or so.

This plant, which is a fairly common perennial, was an experiment to see if cuttings of perennials could be rooted using a misting system. The answer is a resounding yes!

So what is this plant and how fast did it root? Good question.

The perennial I am talking about is commonly called Pink Turtle Heads (botanical name: Chelone lyonii).
I took the cuttings of this plant the same day I wrote this article about how I collect my cuttings for rooting under my misting system.

Here is a series of photos showing the tag I made when I stuck the cuttings as well as one of the cutting I removed from the rooting media that clearly show the formation of roots. Pay close attention to the date on the tag: June 29th. Today is July 13th, just 14 days from when the cutting was stuck! The cutting is not ready to be potted in my opinion, but because I just installed a drip system to keep my potted plants watered, I would give it a try. The cutting will definitely not survive in full sun with the number and size of the leaves as well as the small root system, but I would feel comfortable placing it in a shady area for awhile.

What is the quickest you have gotten a cutting to root? Did you beat me?

Date cutting was stuck

The tag I wrote when I stuck the cuttings (6/29/11)

Cuttings being rooted under a misting system

Cuttings being rooted under the misting system. The large cutting in front is a Pink Turtle Head.

Closeup of roots forming

Cutting showing the formation of roots

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