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Before you leave, be sure to take advantage of the free reports I have written that outlines some great reasons you should be using intermittent mist for rooting your softwood cuttings and what you need to start a plant propagation nursery.

In the report on intermittent mist, I go over things like :

  • Why the cuttings need moisture
  • Why the cuttings need to be kept cool
  • How intermittent mist allows you to produce multiple crops in a single growing season
  • Why you can sit back and let the system take care of itself
  • How you can produce thousands of cuttings per year
  • and more!

Go ahead and download it and decide for yourself if you should be making money selling plants you started with an intermittent misting system.

I also recently added a report on how to start a plant propagation nursery. The report covers  topics such as:

  • Propagation reference materials
  • How much space you need
  • Misting systems
  • Rooting media
  • Licenses
  • And more!

Simply use the form below to download one or both reports.

P.S. The E-book is even free for you to give away on your website or blog or even as an incentive to sign up for your newsletter.


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