How to build an intermittent mist system

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How to build an intermittent mist system

That is one of the top search phrases that I get traffic from. Why? Because most people who are looking for information on how to propagate plants are doing it for 3 reasons:

They want to duplicate a few plants in their yard to spread around their landscape or give to friends
They are looking for a way to reproduce large quantities of plants to sell.
They don’t have a lot of money to spend on a misting system.

In all 3 cases, most are trying to do it as economically as possible and this usually means a DIY intermittent misting system. There is nothing wrong with DIY misting systems at all. It is the lack of knowledge and frustration that usually accompanies them that I have concerns about.

Lack of knowledge about plant propagation and misting systems:

There is a lot of information out there about plant propagation and very little about misting systems. One mistake many people make when gathering this information is that what works for one person will not always work for another. If a New England grower tries to duplicate a propagation technique that works extremely well for a grower from Arkansas, they will probably fail. Oh, they may have a little success, but for the most part, southern growing conditions differ greatly from northern ones.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I firmly believe in passing along information about plant propagation, but the recipient may not have the experience to realize that the propagation method utilized may have to be modified for their particular growing conditions.

On top of the differing propagation methods, the eager new propagator will undoubtedly learn about intermittent mist and spend countless hours searching for information about it. It is just not out there! There are a few websites that will give basic and vague descriptions and material lists, but none of them will actually tell you how to use it! And this leads to:


I myself looked far and wide for information on misting systems to propagate plants, and I too got frustrated. I copied and pasted everything I could, forming a small book of propagation methods, materials lists, assembly drawings, you name it. The one thing I never found was how to actually use the darn thing! I mean, I found basic settings like “6 seconds of mist every 5 minutes”, or “1 minute of mist every 5 minutes”. I mean comon, which is it, and for exactly which plants, and at what time of year? When do I start to mist every day? When do I turn the thing off? Do different plants require different settings (YES, by the way)? All the information I found made me more frustrated than you can imagine.

On top of the frustration with finding information about the correct settings to use when misting cuttings, where and exactly what components are needed to build an intermittent misting system? Again, very vague, cryptic answers.

Well, I am proud to announce a brand new website where you can learn all you need about misting systems. Visit the Misting System E-learning website to learn the secrets to building a misting systems that will be dependable and cost effective.

Want to learn why you should be using intermittent mist? Grab the free report Why You Should Be Using Intermittent Mist right now!

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