How to root a softwood cutting- a pictorial

By now you must have read my post about taking the plant propagation class with Adam Wheeler. Well, here is the process in pictures!

Softwood cutting at the correct stage of growth

Freshly taken softwood cutting

Preparing the softwood cutting for sticking

Softwood cutting almost ready for sticking

Softwood cutting with the leaves cut

Softwood cutting ready to stick

Cutting with a label



50/50 peat perlite mix by volume

Peat and perlite in the container being used for rooting

Dip N Grow

Dip N Grow concentrate at the proper level

Dipping the cutting into the rooting hormone

Softwood cuttings stuck in rooting media (left pot is a mix of peat/sand)

Softwood cutting under plastic

Softwood cuttings under a misting system (if you own one)

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