Mike McGroarty Is a Fraud

Yes, you read that right; Mike McGroarty and his backyard grower system is a fraud.Dwayne Haskell and Mike McGroarty

Not my words, but the words of others. Cruising message boards that deal with gardening and plant propagation, I often see folks who say something along those lines. Mike Mcgroarty is a fraud, Mike Mcgroarty is a scam artist, Mike Mcgroarty’s is a ripoff, and a few other things.

Well, I am here to personally let you know that I am extremely happy with Mike McGroarty and his products. I mean, really, who gives away as much information on plant propagation, working with landscape plants, and other topics? Go ahead and check out his website and see what he offers. Sign up for the free newsletter and get ready to learn a ton about gardening and plants in general. Then, scroll way down to the bottom of the page and click on the sitemap link and check out all the free information he gives away. Along with all those articles, he has many more on different websites, on article submission websites, and I have even seen them in a trade magazine I get. Does that look like something a fraud would do? No, I didn’t think so.

Go ahead and check out his website right now!


Mike McGroarty Is a Fraud — 11 Comments

  1. I always received everything that was ever promised me. I think I paid $9 or something like that for a bunch of e-manuals and what not. Good stuff, easily worth the money. I’ll be joining (paying for) the message boards as soon as we move out to our 10 acres. I’ve been following Mike for probably 8-10 years now. If he was a fraud he would have been gone long ago.

    • Thanks CJ,

      Yes, if he was a fraud he would have not been able to last as long as he has. Unfortunately, the internet has spawned an “everything should be free” mentality. Some folks think they should not have to pay for information they can get elsewhere on the internet for free. Also unfortunately, sometimes free is worth exactly what was paid for it.

      As someone who has worked extremely hard learning, testing, designing, building, and selling misting systems I can totally relate to the need to charge for your knowledge. I have spent years and countless dollars learning. Mike did too. It is not fair to ask us to give away our hard earned knowledge for free so it can then be used by the recipient to make money. Yes, the free information may be able to be gathered, cataloged, tested, and found to work, but how much time, money, and frustration will it take?

      I hope you do well with your propagation endeavors.

    • Usually best done as hardwood. When the plant goes dormant for the winter, take a 6″ cutting from the tip of a branch. Place it in rooting media; sand, perlite, peat moss, etc. and water it occasionally. Water it throughout the summer as well. Leave it until the next spring before digging and transplanting . It should have produced roots and should be able to transplant in 1 1/2 years..