Misting system nozzle calculator

Here is a handy calculator I developed to help determine how many mist nozzles you can safely use per misting zone. It will also show how much water will be used each day. This figure comes in very handy if you are on water restrictions and for those folks who are thinking about using rain barrels or totes to provide water to their systems.

Please read this article if you are thinking you can use rain barrels or totes to supply water to your system without a pump. Stay tuned though, I am testing a simple system that is solar powered, can pump almost 4 gallons of water per minute, and provide 40 psi. This is a great setup for providing water to your misting system or drip irrigation system and use rain barrels or totes as the water supply. Oh, there is also a provision to ensure your system still gets supplied with water even if you have had no rain for awhile!


Input the flow rate of your water supplying your misting system in the first box and the flow rate of a single misting nozzle in the second. Hit the submit button and you will be shown the safe number of misting nozzles you can use per misting zone. Be sure both are figures are input as Gallons Per Minute. To learn how to convert the number, see below.**


To see how much water your misting system will use per day, fill in the rest of the boxes and hit the submit button.

*Required for both calculations

** To convert Gallons Per Hour (GPH)into Gallons Per Minute (GPM), simply divide your figure by 60.

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