New USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map Released

Have you been thinking that it is much warmer where you live than it used to be? Have you wanted to plant a tree, shrub, or perennial that was not rated for your zone?

Well, it seems things have changed a bit according to the new USDA Zone Map. Yep, things are a bit warmer than they used to be. Now that doesn’t mean you can start growing tropical plants in states like Maine, but you may be safe buying plants that survive a zone or two warmer than what you used to.

According to the zone map, I went from a zone 4b to a 5a. Of course, I am on the side of a hill with it’s own micro-climate so I am sure I am still a zone 4b, but I have noticed I can get away with planting trees and shrubs (like the Wolf Eyes Kousa Dogwood I planted a few years ago) and they survive even though they were rated for a zone or two warmer,so maybe I am in fact in zone 5.

Here is a link to the new USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

One nice feature is the ability to figure out your plant zones by zip code to get your personal USDA hardiness zone.

Will you be trying new plants because of the new map?

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