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Can you make a tree from Japanese Maple cuttings?

Yes, you can.

Some varieties can be rooted from cuttings but most are grafted onto hardier rootstock, namely a green leaved Japanese Maple tree. Most Japanese maples that have been successfully rooted from cuttings will not survive the first winter. This is why they are typically grafted.

If you can get your rooted cutting of your Japanese maple to survive the first winter, the likelihood of it surviving long term increases. I have found a much sought after secret when it comes to getting the cuttings to survive the first winter and plan on releasing a short report on it.

How do I know how may misting nozzles I can use?

Good question! Luckily I have created a misting nozzle calculator that will help answer it.
Simply add your water flow and the flow of a single misting nozzle you are using. The calculator will show you how many nozzles you can safely use.
The calculator will also show how much water your system will use per day for a single misting zone per day.

Hello Dwayne, I purchased the components of a misting system last year. I subsequently decided not to take my plant propagation to that level. I am remaining quite small with no commerciaal aspirations. I have a D i G 5006 - IP6 sta. AC lcd propagation controller w/ rain sensor. I also have the appropriate solenoid for the system. The DIG controller is new in the box, never installed. The solenoid has been installed and tested manually. I would like to sell these items, and if you could assist me with this I would be deeply grateful!


If the timer is brand new in the box and the solenoid in good working order there may be a reader of this blog interested.

Send me the information and price and let me send out an email to my readers to see if anyone is interested.


Hi Dr. Mike here. I have tried to propagate Blueberry cuttings through Intermittent misting. I have the time set for 20 seconds every 10 minutes. The blackberries and Grapes propagate fine. I have yet to get Blueberries to root. The stems will turn black and not root. This is after 5 to 6 weeks in the mist. I have tried Peat and pearlite mix. I have tried Sand and pearlite mix no difference. Any ideas?

I too have had little luck with Blueberry propagation under mist. Some rooted, most rotted. I have tried my Nearing Frame with a little more success but I think my timing may be off.

If I can find it, I will add a PDF I have to the members area on Blueberry propagation.

Is the controller and solenoid still for sale

Unfortunately I have not heard back from the individual who owns it. If you are still looking, contact me, I may have what you need here on the shelf.

Good morning sir, Tom, newly attempting some cuttings, besides the info obtained here on your site (thank you!), I also have some of Mike McGroartys system, and a dvd, now that I am more clear on the general way that a misting bed is set up, and a few of the propagating techniques (toothpick method for instance), im now left with the thougjt of "what plants will root this late", sept 23rd zone 6a ...,? SE Mich, Southgate, over next few days.? Thx

Hi Tom,

It is a bit late to start misting but you could attempt it. You would need to look for the newest growth on the plants. On softwood cuttings it would be the nice green shoots. Now, the new shoots may have begun to harden off and the bark turn colors to a grey or brown.

Take the cuttings from the tips of the plant and see if they root. You have nothing to lose.

Typically, this time of year (September) is when the cuttings have formed roots, weaned off the mist, and either overwintered in the rooting tray or potted up.

As for specific plants, that is tough to say. I would just try a few shoots of each plant. Be sure to label them and take notes as to date, preparation, mist settings, weather, etc. so you can gauge your success.

One thing to keep in mind is the temperature and to be sure to drain the misting system so it does not freeze.

Dwayne, how do we pay for the mist system e-course? I'm ready to pay

The Misting System E-course is now available.

As a reminder, this is what the Misting System E-course covers:

1)    What is a misting system
2)    10 reasons you should own a misting system
3)    Why a misting system is important when rooting softwood cuttings
4)    Types of propagation beds
5)    Rooting media
6)    Do you have enough water for your system?
7)    Can you use softened water for misting?
a)    11 reasons NOT to use softened water
8)    Can you use rainbarrels to provide the water?
9)    What parts are needed for a misting system?
a)    Tools required
b)    Misting timers
i)    Mechanical
(1)    Wiring the timers
ii)    Electronic/Digital
(1)    Electric timers
(2)    Battery timers
c)    Solenoid valves
i)    Typical irrigation solenoids
ii)    Misting solenoids
d)    Filters
i)    Individual zone filter
ii)    Whole system filter
e)    Wire
i)    Single zone
ii)    Multiple zone
f)    Misting nozzles
i)    Common types of nozzles
ii)    Freestanding
iii)    Overhead/Risers
iv)    Calculating nozzle spacing
g)    Protecting your investment
i)    Timer cabinets
ii)    Protecting the solenoid valves
10)    How to assemble the misting system
a)    Single zone
b)    Multiple zones
i)    Building a manifold for the multiple solenoids
ii)    Wiring the DIG timer for multiple zones
11)    How to take a cutting
12)    Why providing shade is important
a)    How to provide shade for your misting bed
13)    Tips about electronic leaves and rain sensors
a)    Nutrient leaching
14)    Routine maintenance
a)    Troubleshooting
b)    Minor repairs
15)    Spare parts that you should have
a)    Fittings
b)    Solenoid valve
c)    Filter
d)    Misting nozzles
e)    Timer
16)    When do I prepare the system for winter?
17)    Winterizing your misting system
a)    Quick 5 step winterizing description
b)    Draining with gravity
c)    Using compressed air
18)    Setting your system up in the spring
19)    Power outages
20)    And more!

I know you will enjoy the course!

Where can I get plans for a small misting box for propagation of stem cuttings?

For misting, I would create a box approximately 4 x 8 feet and use that. You can grow literally thousands of cuttings in a bed that size. Use 2 x 6 or 2 x 8 lumber for the sides and nail the ends together. I find using a small piece of 2 x 4 in the corners help keep things tight. Fill it with sand and you are good to go.

The Misting System course I offer will explain how to set up a misting system in such a bed.

You can also build a Nearing frame to root cuttings. No mist is required.

Here is a link to PDF instructions that will show you how to build one and align it correctly. Only $3

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