Pruning and Training Harry Lauders Walking Stick

Harry Lauder’s usually grow in a twisted, contorted shrub form. It is an erratic but interesting shape as a shrub, but for a more interesting specimen, pruning and training it into a tree is required. So how do you train a Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick into a tree?

First you should get the proper plant to begin with. Buying a plant with multiple stems already established is not the type of plant to start with. Yes, you can probably prune and train it, but it will require much more work and severe pruning. The best type of plant to purchase is a single stemmed liner.

A liner is a cutting taken from the parent plant which has developed roots and grown on for a year or two. The liner will usually have a single stem which is a great start for your tree. A liner of a Corylus avellana ‘Contorta’ is more desirable than a grafted one because it is growing on it’s own root system. A grafted Contorted Hazel will form suckers at it’s base, requiring constant pruning where the rooted cutting will not. The following picture shows a single stemmed liner that was rooted from a softwood cutting that is a great candidate for training into a tree. Notice how it has already begun to twist and contort?

Pruning and training Harry Lauder's Walking Sticks

As you can see, the plant already has begun to grow as we want it; a single stem with no significant lower branches. The reason we don’t want any branches low is to force the plant to grow upwards.

To grow this plant into tree form, simply drive a stake into the ground very close to the stem, making sure to not damage too many roots. The stake should ideally be 4-5 feet tall. This will allow you to support the tree as it grows and train it to grow straighter than it would naturally.

The best time to do this pruning is just after the plant goes dormant to minimize any stress on the plant. Some pruning will need to be done during the growing season as well, but doing the majority as the plant is dormant is recommended.

Prune all branches, buds and leaves along the stem, leaving the tip of the plant and any leaves using a quality set of hand pruners. Removing all of them will force the plant to grow upwards. Remember, removing any branches, leaves, and buds that are growing along the stem will ensure no branches form lower than the desired height. Support the plant along its length by using Luster Leaf Rapiclip Garden Plant Twist Ties or Velcro Plant Ties. Support the tip also, remember, you are training the plant to grow upwards until your desired height is achieved.

If you receive your plant before or during the growing season, light pruning throughout the growing season to control the number and lengths of branches forming lower than desired is suggested because removing all the branches and leaves during the growing season will affect the plants ability to feed itself. Once the plant goes dormant, removal of those lower branches, leaves and buds can begin. As the next growing season begins, the plant may once again develop leaves along it stem if you missed a bud or two. It is fine to leave them until the plant once again goes dormant..

Once the plant has reached a good height, like 5-6 feet, you can leave a branch or two to grow and begin to form the tree shape. Don’t go too wild on pruning the branches once it has reached the desired height, they can be pruned at a later date if needed. Occasional removal of leaves and buds may need to be done along the stem to keep your new Harry Lauders tree looking great.

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