Customize Google news with plant propagation stories

For those of you that are not aware that you can customize the news you receive from Google News, I have a great tip for you. First, you must have a Google account to be able to use this feature. … Continue reading

Why you should not use softened water to root cuttings with your misting system

Can you use softened water to root cuttings? Of course you can use water that has passed through a water softener to mist your cuttings with. It will provide the exact same amount of moisture that non-softened water will. However, … Continue reading

Limited time offer: Free “How to start a plant propagation nursery” E-book

The offer for the free E-book has expired. But no worries! You can still get the book by signing up for the newsletter. Just use the link under Free Reports and E-books to get it. Yep, you read that right. … Continue reading

How to calculate the spacing of your misting nozzles

Misting nozzles come in all shapes and sizes, delivering small droplets to large and everything in between. Choosing the best droplet size for your specific application is sometimes a trial and error process. Getting the spacing correct between them can … Continue reading

Is the Mike McGroarty growers board a scam?

In a word, no. Here is why I say that: Years ago I was on the hunt for information about plant propagation. I visited many websites looking for information. One in particular caught my attention Why? because of the … Continue reading

11 reasons you should bypass your water softener when rooting cuttings with a misting system

I recently wrote an article for another website that explains why you should not use water that has gone through a water softener to mist or irrigate your plants. The article ended with a brief explanation that a benefit of … Continue reading

How to provide shade for your misting bed

How to provide shade for your misting bed Once your misting or propagation beds are made you may decide you want a way to provide shade for your cuttings while they are being rooted. An easy way to do this … Continue reading

What You Need To Start A Plant Propagation Business Part 8

Conclusion To recap on what you need to start your own plant propagation business: Knowledge: Start building your library right now! Learn as much as you can about the plants you want to propagate. Grab a copy of one or … Continue reading

What You Need To Start A Plant Propagation Business Part 7

The next item on the list you will need when starting your plant propagation nursery is an inspection by your local Agricultural Inspector. Calm down and take a breath! It is not as bad as you may think! Your Inspector … Continue reading