Want to keep your misting system running during a power outage? Now you can!

-100% free! No signups, nothing-

I just finished my report on how you can keep your DIG 5006-IP electric misting system timer operating during a power outage. And no, it isn’t an expensive generator! It is a whopping 23 pages long and explains what you need and shows how I did it. For the time being, I am offering it free of charge but will be charging for it real soon so grab it while you can! Hurry, offer will expire on March 9th, 2012 and the link will magically disappear!

[expires on=”2012-03-09″]How to get your DIG 5006-IP propagation timer to work during power outages[/expires]

Remember, this report will be free only for a short time so grab your copy now.

Stay tuned, as I was writing this report I came up with two other ideas similar to this. One will surely rock your world if you have a DIG 5006-IP electric misting timer.

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