What parts are needed to build an intermittent misting system?

Good question.

Here is a short list of the parts needed to build a mist system for propagating plants. Depending on the complexity of your system, you may need parts not listed.

  • A timer that can mist for seconds at a time. Most timers purchased at big box stores or local plumbing outlets are not adequate for misting because they cannot be programmed to mist in seconds.
  • A fast closing solenoid. Slow closing solenoids cannot be used in a mist system because it affects the accuracy of the timer.
  • Main water piping. This can be PVC or black irrigation pipe. Main water piping should be at least 1/2 inch in diameter but 3/4 inch is better.
  • Various fittings. The required fitting to adapts from your water supply to your misting system will be needed as well as any tees, 90’s or others to adapt your misting nozzles.
  • Misting nozzles. the misting nozzles you choose will determine if you need any special adapters for your water piping. Some use a flexible tube that simply get inserted into a hole drilled into the pipe. Be sure to decide which nozzle you will use before starting assembly of the water piping.
  • Wire. Irrigation wire  is used to carry the low voltage electrical signal from the timer to the solenoid. If using two mechanical timers, larger gauge wire will be needed to connect them everything together.
  • A water filter. If you have a whole house filter you may not need a second filter, however, if your water is not filtered at all, a filter for just the misting system is a good idea. Small particles can become lodged in the solenoid valve or misting nozzles, rendering them useless.
  • A back flow device. Some state or local governments require a backflow preventer to eliminate the likelihood of contaminated water being drawn back into the water supply. A whole house backflow preventer is quite costly but there are devices available that are installed between an outside spigot and the hose.

Now that you know what parts are needed, why don’t you take the misting system e-course to learn even more!


What parts are needed to build an intermittent misting system? — 4 Comments

  1. What timer or controller do I need for a single zone misting system. Where to buy etc. Any help appreciated.


  2. I am looking for a timer for an Intermittent misting system. I need it to come on for 20 seconds and then off for 10 minutes and repeat this cycle say from 6 AM to 8 PM.

    • Hi Mike,

      A DIG 710P series or 5006-IP will work. If you have electricity nearby the 5006-IP is the one to get. If you have no electricity nearby, the 710 is just the ticket.