What You Need To Start A Plant Propagation Business Part 7

The next item on the list you will need when starting your plant propagation nursery is an inspection by your local Agricultural Inspector.

Calm down and take a breath! It is not as bad as you may think! Your Inspector is actually one of the best resources you could have when it comes to plants. They are extremely knowledgeable about many things that may affect your nursery, like:

  • Plant diseases
  • Disease control methods
  • Plant pests
  • Pest control methods
  • Nursery and propagation resources
  • Local, State, and Federal laws pertaining to plants
  • Shipping regulations
  • And much more!

Your Inspector can find almost any information you may need when it comes to your nursery.

Some States automatically schedule an inspection when you get your nursery license, but many require you to call the Department of Agriculture to schedule a visit.

When the Inspector arrives they will look over your operation to be sure it is being run in a professional manner. They will take a look at your plants and note whether there are any diseases or insects present. If any are found, your Inspector may have you quarantine the affected plants and treat them for the disease or pest.

Another item the Inspectors usually look for is correctly identified plants. Most want to see that the plants are properly labeled, showing the common name and botanical name.

If all goes well with your inspection, your Inspector will issue an inspection certificate to you. This certificate allows you to sell your plants. The certificate also proves that your nursery has been inspected and was found to be free of diseases and pests.

Remember, your Inspector is one of the best friends you could want when you run a nursery. Their knowledge and experience can save you tons of time and money. Be honest with them and don’t try to slip anything past them. If you get caught, they will remember you and may not be as friendly as they could be.

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