What You Need To Start A Plant Propagation Business Part 8


To recap on what you need to start your own plant propagation business:


Start building your library right now! Learn as much as you can about the plants you want to propagate. Grab a copy of one or more of these books to start:

Don’t forget the free information! Become a member of the Plant Propagation Misting System website and get access to hundreds of PDFs on plant propagation, misting systems, plant diseases, insects and other pests, and more! it’s free!


Gathering the right plants to propagate is essential to your success. remember to propagate only NON-PATENTED plants! Purchase your plants from a reputable source.


Remember, you don’t need a whole lot of space to get started. A small lawn can successfully be used for propagating plants.

Rooting media

Before building your beds, decide on which rooting media you will use and be sure you can locate it. sand is relatively easy to find and inexpensive, but peat and perlite can be used if the sand is unavailable.

Misting beds

Start with a small bed if necessary. A good size is 4′ wide by 8′ or 10′ long. Use whatever lumber you can find to start. You don’t get points for fanciness, just usefulness. Remember to be sure they drain properly.


Business and Nursery. Others may be needed so be sure to ask your local municipality or state government official. Remember, the SBA is a great resource!


The Inspector is your friend. Use them to gain knowledge by asking questions. Be honest and don’t try to hide anything. They are there to help you, not give you grief. If you do have a problem that you discover yourself, CALL THEM! They will respect you that much more and be more apt to help you in the future.

Of course there are a few more things like labeling, shipping requirements, where to get the properly labeled plants to start propagating them, and others, and all those questions can be answered here.

That pretty much covers it! Not too many things now was it?

Interested in getting the entire series of articles on starting your own plant propagation business? I have taken all 8 articles, added even more information, and wrapped it all up in a nice PDF for you to download. Get the PDF right now!


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