Who wants a free book on plant propagation?

Everyone of course!

I have a brand new book on the shelf that I will send to a lucky winner. It is by James Wells and is titled: Plant Propagation Practices.

Here is what I will do for you:

I will send the book to a resident of the US or Canada at absolutely no charge.

What you need to do for me:

Leave a comment outlining your plant propagation endeavors. Your successes, your failures, your methods, etc.

The rules:

The contest will end Aug 22nd at 6pm Eastern time. I will total the number of comments and ask my son to choose a number from 1 to whatever the total is. The number he chooses will be the winner of the book.

Once the winner is identified I will contact them via email (so leave a GOOD address when commenting!) and after receiving a reply, will send the book to the shipping address they specify.

My decision is final unless the original winner cannot be contacted and at that time a new winner will be chosen in exactly the same way and so on until the book has been sent. Void where prohibited. Must be 18 to participate.


Good luck!


Who wants a free book on plant propagation? — 10 Comments

  1. Hurray, I won something!!! 😀

    I love your products and your blog!!!

    I’ve been running your mist system for the 2nd year now and I gotta say its the most important thing in my little nursery. Without my mister none of it would be possible.

    Whenever I see people on the board worried about the money, I try to assure them that its the best investment they’ll ever make. Its hard to understand starting out, I was there myself, but looking at it in retrospect, the value outweighs the cost 1000 times.

    Thanks so much for your kit, your site and my prize!!!