Why I pruned my lilac right to the ground

Sensation® Lilac

I didn’t actually mean to prune it to the ground, but that is what happened when I lost control of the lawn mower. Of course, I assumed I had killed it but left the stump anyway.

A week or so later I noticed that the stump had sprouted some leaves. I was thrilled to think that the lilac may survive. The Sensation® Lilac in my opinion is one of the most beautiful lilacs around. I mean seriously, look at the picture, isn’t that gorgeous?

Anyway, as the plant grew, I noticed that it was growing much faster than the other one I have nearby. It put on at least 3 feet of new growth before the year was out. The other put on about 8″ of new growth.

Of course, the lilac that was cut to the ground didn’t bloom much the year after I pruned it to the ground, because lilacs form their flowers for the following year on the current years growth. Because I pruned the bush in the summer, the plant did not have adequate time to form enough buds.

I must say that because of the pruning I did to that plant, it has put on much more growth than it’s twin. Right now, it is a full 4′ taller and they were exactly the same size when I planted them just 4′ apart!

Now don’t go crazy and cut your lilacs to the ground every year, but if you find that one of them is not putting on any growth, go ahead and give it a shot. You may be surprised.

So, I think I may have to fire up the lawnmower and prune that other lilac. Or maybe I should just cut it with the pruners, huh?

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